Learning to play the piano is, by and large, the best introduction to music instruction than any other instrument. It is the main reason why all music majors in college must learn to play the piano, beginning in their freshman year.


We offer piano lessons to all ages, 5 to adult. We have special pre-reading courses for 5 year olds which only require 5-10 minute daily at-home practice sessions.


We also offer an Older Beginner course to students who are 11 years old through adults. This course offers a more condensed curriculum of Levels 1 and 2 since older students are able to understand basic fundamentals faster than younger children.


It is our recommendation that beginner piano students should start as young as possible, and that it be a "first" instrument because it takes several years to learn how to play the piano effectively.  After learning to play piano, every other instrument is much easier to learn, and adding a second instrument to daily practice is not stressful, and does not interfere as much with a student's busy schedule.


It should also be noted that learning to play the piano is a "discipline," and as a result, will teach many more skills than just playing the piano.


Other skills you will acquire by learning to play piano:

  • Goal setting 
  • Time management skills
  • Spatial reasoning (judging space/time is great for sports and even driving a car)
  • Outlet for expression (ability to play melodies and harmonies at the same time)
  • Confidence