Blast Off with Piano

Blast-Off with Piano Camp is an introductory course for beginning pianists.  Students may choose a one-week "camp," where they come Monday through Friday (5 days) for a 30 minute lesson each day, or they can choose to come to one lesson per week for 5 weeks.  Students will be taught a lesson and given an assignment to practice at home on a piano or a digital keyboard.  They will need to complete 5 individual practice session (about 10 minutes per session) in between lessons).  Students will be evaluated at each lesson by the teacher to determine readiness level for regular piano lessons.


  • Blast-Off with Piano (ages 7 through adult): Students will learn 5 different note values, rhythm techniques, keyboard geography, how to flat and sharp notes, direction signs, dynamics, and possibly playing duets with teacher. Upon completion, students will be able to advance to a primer level or Level 1. Students must have daily access to a piano or a keyboard at home for practicing assigned music each day.

    Cost: $95


  • Blast-Off with Piano Jr. (ages 5 & 6): Students will learn 5 different note values, rhythm techniques, and 5 out of 7 white keys on the piano and be able to make short tunes. The music book is also a coloring book, so each lesson will include coloring time, turning a black and white music book into a personal colored music book! Students will earn a certificate upon completion and will be able to advance to an EZ Keys level or a primer level.

    Cost: $95



5-day piano camp dates:

  • June 3-7

  • June 17-21

  • July 8-12


Create-Your-Own-Schedule Private Lesson Summer Package is a course for those who have completed Blast-Off with Piano course, or Blast-Off with Piano Jr. course and for transfer students.  Choose a 4 or 8 lesson package and you can book each lesson individually to suit your busy summer schedule.  Students must complete all lessons before August 31.  Students completing the Blast-off course will receive 20% off the regular price.  Music is extra. 

Cost: 4 Lesson Package - $120

8 Lesson Package - $240


Rhythm Cup Explorations is a fun way to learn rhythm techniques and does not require any previous musical experience.  Students build rhythm techniques using a cup-tapping curriculum, where they learn note values, and how to create rhythm from those notes.  Students start out learning how to tap simple rhythm and each lesson builds onto the last to be able to tap more complicated rhythm.  Eventually, music beats are added, and students learn to tap complex rhythms with music.  Rhythm is the basis for all musical training, and this course can enhance a student's rhythm skill for future piano lessons or future lessons on any musical instrument.  Classes begin week of June 17.  Cost includes music.  Cost:  $75